Partnership for the Jewish Future

We can all agree that parenthood is life altering; it can bring a sense of completion, purpose and happiness. It can also bring the challenges of sleepless nights, emptier checkbooks and precious little time that you can count your own. Yet, for Jewish parents there is an added dimension to parenthood; the responsibility to teach, guide and inspire our children to live a meaningful Jewish life. However, for many of us, the desire is there, yet the knowledge and connections seem to make this a real challenge.​

How it works:

Over the course of one year, families with young children will meet monthly for an hour or so, forming a close social bond and follow a specially designed curriculum to deepen our understanding of our roles as Jewish parents, leaders in our homes and by extension, our communities.

Special entertainers, babysitters and food will be provided for an enjoyable time for the kids while parents meet! (Details and times will be organized based on the desires of the group, for ex: monthly Sunday morning with brunch included.)



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